Sheba Medical Center, the Japanese OKI Electric joins forces against dementia

The Japanese telecommunications producer OKI Electric Industry Ltd and the Israeli Sheba Medical Center's innovation arm have launched a new joint research project that will focus on the prevention of dementia in senior citizens.

The agreement with the ARC Innovation Center in Sheba was signed in Jerusalem at the beginning of this week in the presence of the Japanese economic minister Hiroshige Seko and the Israeli economy minister Eli Cohen in Japan. Israel Business Forum, organized by the economic ministries of Japan and Israel.

The ARC Innovation Center in Sheba will work with OKI to analyze big data clinical records to identify ways to prevent risk factors associated with dementia and create various health and exercise regimens for high-risk patients.

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The ARC / Sheba-OKI research project will be led by Professor Michal Beeri, director of the Joseph Sagol Neuroscience Center at Sheba Medical Center, ARC said in a statement.

The study will involve a new approach to the prevention of dementia "in high-risk middle-aged individuals," said Beeri. The approach includes an application to closely monitor dementia-related risk factors that, "if they have improved over time, we believe they will delay the onset of the disease".

OKI is expanding into the digital healthcare sector at a time when the Japanese population is aging fast and in need of sanitary solutions, said Nathalie Bloch, director of the ARC Innovation Center.

"The ARC Innovation Center was specifically designed to address and create a variety of technology solutions for the global healthcare industry through the use of big data and tele-medicine," he said.