Spread awareness about Lyme disease through tattoos

FAIRFAX, Va. – Lyme diease is the most common disease transmitted by the carrier in the country, and according to the Environmental Protection Agency the amount of cases of Lyme disease has doubled since 1991.

While it is a very common disease, the owner of the Dixer Tattoo says it is not one that we talk about a lot.
This is why he partnered with the organization of Lyme Warriors not only to give the proceeds to research on Lyme disease for every person who gets a tattoo, but to educate people on what the disease really is. Lyme.

"Awareness, because I did not really know how it spread and how it could be taken and things like that, when I found it, I was like a guy we're all exposed to, my son, you can go swimming in the river and the next thing you know, you have Lyme disease, it's really crazy, "said Emmanuel Chavez, owner of Dixer Tattoo.

Dixer Tattoo plans to do more charity events like this in the future to raise awareness on many issues like Lyme disease.