Take care of the clots and sugar .. Know the benefit of eating fruit to drink fresh juices

Many people resort to drinking fresh juices and use them as a natural and healthy substitute rich in vitamins, instead of eating fruits of different fruits.

Is drinking juice, a healthy alternative rich in vitamins, over fruits, and gives the benefit of human health, according to a report published by the network, "the BBC," pointed out that the juices lack the largest amount of fiber and, unlike fruit fruit, fructose juice in the form of "Free sugars", as in honey and sugar added to food.

The report notes that the World Health Organization recommends that the adult does not eat more than 30 grams of added sugar, which corresponds to 150 ml of fruit juice per day.

The report also revealed that when the fiber material is removed, the body more quickly absorbs fructose juice, leading to a sudden rise in sugar in the blood and thus the pancreas contributes to the secretion of insulin to make the sugar more stable, and after This mechanism may not work over time, which increases the risk of diabetes Type II ".

Researchers studied the health data of 100,000 people collected between 1986 and 2009, found a correlation between eating fruit juice and the risk of type 2 diabetes, and concluded that fruit juice leads to faster and larger fluctuations in glucose and insulin levels, because the stomach fluids faster to the intestine then pass through the solid food, even if the food content of the liquid is similar to the fruit.

Another study found a link between the intake of fruit juice and type 2 diabetes after following the dietary habits of more than 70,000 nurses and following diabetes for 18 years.

"Although vegetable juices contain more nutrients and are less sugar-free than fruit juices, they also lack fiber," the report said.

Studies have also demonstrated the association between fiber intake and low incidence of coronary artery disease and stroke and high blood pressure and sugar, while it is advised to eat a person of 30 grams of fiber per day.

Research has suggested that eating juice increases the daily calories to the limit that is generally required "about 2000 prices for women and 2500 for men". Several studies have shown that we do not replace juice during the day with other foods.

One study found that those who drank the fruit cocktail with extra nutrients had a higher blood sugar level than those who ate whole fruit, and found no difference between those who ate mango juice and mango fruit.