The Arab Diabetes Forum: Egypt is in seventh place in the world with 8.5 million infected and new medicines for treatment

Egypt led the Arab Diabetes Forum under the auspices of the Arab Diabetes Association, in the presence of more than 1000 doctors from different Arab countries, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Sudan, Libya and Jordan according to the protocol of cooperation with nine Arab countries.

The Arab Diabetes Conference unveiled the latest research and studies and offered new hope to diabetics through 100 workshops attended by senior doctors, Arab experts and specialists.

Dr. Abbas Orabi, professor of diabetes and endocrinology and head of the conference, said that new types of real estate are coming onto the market that have helped a lot with diabetes and with the new drugs that are used to treat patients.

He explained that the Egyptian market has a strong drug for the treatment of diabetes and that the conference discussed diabetes type I and II in various lectures, and reviewed the new drugs, which are suitable for all patients, and studies that were attended at the conference. announced that it is safe for the patient.


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