The fear of the CDC "zombie deer disease" that spreads in the United States could infect humans

Map courtesy of the Center for Disease Control. (KSNT Graphic / Mark Feuerborn)

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Center for Disease Control issued a warning about a fatal disease that spreads throughout the United States.

Chronic decay disease, known as "zombie deer disease", is a disease that infects the brain, spine and deer, elk and elk tissue.

According to the CDC, the disease begins to infect prion proteins in the brain and passes through contact with bodily fluids and contaminated tissues.

Affected animals show symptoms such as emaciation from forgetting eating, excessive smearing and tripping.

There are no treatments or vaccines for CWD and the disease is deadly.

The CDC raised the alarm on the potential for CWD to infect humans, as a July 2017 study showed that monkeys who ate infected venison contracted the disease.

There is no known case of CWD in a person.

However, the CDC warned the public to test deer or elk for CWD before eating it from areas with documented infections.

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