The melanoma vaccine showed excellent results

The melanoma vaccine showed excellent results

The melanoma vaccine showed excellent resultsThese are excellent results.

Melanoma is extremely difficult to treat as one of the most aggressive forms of cancer. Chronicle.Info writes about this with reference to Khvilya.

To date, there is an experimental anti-melanoma vaccine, but this does not yield any preliminary results. A group of researchers from the United States, however, succeeded in significantly improving the drug and improving the survival rate of laboratory specimens to 100%.

Scientists from the Scripps Research Institute are responsible for the research. They have added their vaccine as an "amplifier" the Diprovocim molecule. And the results of the tests prove that the new vaccine can significantly increase the chances of survival even if the drug treatment is not effective.

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In laboratory research, the vaccine was tested in laboratory mice with an aggressive form of melanoma that had been treated before. Subsequently, the mice were divided into 3 groups. The first received only the usual vaccine and the second a vaccine enhanced by Diprovocim. The third group did not receive the vaccine at all. As a result, 100% survival was observed in the group after 54 days in the 2nd group, only 25% of rodents survived in group 1 and group 3 died completely. As one of the authors of the work, Dale Boger,

"Our research proves that the vaccine is extremely effective in combination with immunotherapy, which is an excellent result, with the great advantage that the vaccine is injected into the blood and does not have to be injected exactly into the tumor."

Now scientists are planning to continue a series of experiments to develop more precise treatment regimes and to evaluate the long-term effect of a new therapy method.

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