The new cancer vaccine showed 100% effectiveness

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American scientists shared the results of their studies in mice. The authors, who published their research in the leading journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed that the antitumor vaccine they created in combination with one of the drugs was 100% effective in the treatment of melanoma. Researchers emphasize that the vaccine can be used in combination with other medicines to combat other aggressive tumors.

Professor Dale Boger of the Scripps Research Institute explains that the vaccine was used in combination with a diprovozyme, a drug that improves the development of the immune response of the body. Under the influence of these drugs, the fight against cancer cells was much more effective: the immune system recognized the tumor cells and destroyed them. This strategy proved effective in preventing repetition.

24 mice with an aggressive form of melanoma were selected for the experiment. All animals received anti-PD-L1 therapy using antibody-based drugs. The animals were divided into three groups: one injected an anti-tumor vaccine in a combination of diprovozyme, others received the vaccine in combination with another drug and others – only the vaccine.

The vaccine was not injected directly into the tumor – mice received two intramuscular injections with a seven-day break. 54 days after the start of the experiment, the authors noted a 100% survival rate of animals in the first group – those who received the vaccine and the diprotsicum. In the second group, survival was 25% and in the third group 0%.

In the near future, scientists are planning to start planning clinical trials, and also to check what the effectiveness of the vaccine will be in combination with other drugs.