The newest methods for the treatment of varicose veins .. most particularly laser

Many people have to deal with the problem of varicose veins, especially women, and cause these capillaries to have a non-aesthetic appearance in the legs, and it also causes pain, and can treat the varicose veins or reduce them in various ways, this report talks about the latest treatment methods for varicose veins.

Dr. Sameh Al-Imam, a professor of blood vessels and radiology at the Al-Azhar University Faculty of Medicine, said that the varicose veins can be treated in various ways, including blood-boosting drugs with the "socks" for treatment to reduce the increase in varicose veins .

He explained that laser is the latest treatment for varicose veins and adds that the treatment of laser fibrators must be a specialist blood vessel and not a dermatologist, because the laser used to treat varicose veins is different from the laser used for other cosmetic purposes.

He pointed out that there is a treatment of thermodynamic, that is, the waves close the veins of blood, adding that there is also treatment of steam to close the veins without surgery.