the number of cases almost quadrupled in 2018

Ukraine is by far the most affected country, with more than 53,000 cases of measles. Serbia (5,076), Israel (2,919), France (2,913), Italy (2,517), Russia (2,256), Georgia (2,203) and Greece (2,193) follow. The number of infections in Europe reaches its highest level of the decade. Last year, 72 people (adults and children) died of the disease in Europe, says the WHO.

This is indicated when so many children have not been vaccinated against measles, according to the world organization. But progress is unevenly distributed across different countries, leaving large groups unprotected. WHO calls on European countries to redouble their efforts in the fight against measles.

"The situation in 2018 clearly shows that the current rate is insufficient to counter the spread of measles," warns Regional Director Zsuzsanna Jakab of the WHO.


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