The number of influenza patients is increasing rapidly

Headache, runny nose and fever are typical symptoms of flu. Significantly more infections with the dreaded influenza viruses have been there for a few days Germany and EuropeThe influenza study group has been talking about a flu epidemic since mid-January. But: "The influenza activity continues to increase," says the weekly management report of the scientists.

9,205 cases were reported to the laboratory at Robert Koch Institute reported between January 28 and February 1 from German medical practices. The estimated number of people with a recent onset of acute respiratory disease increased by 9.2 percent compared to the previous week. According to estimates, an increase has occurred again in the last few days.

outbreak of the flu virus in Germany: High unrecognized number sick

They have been completely out since the beginning of the flu season in October Germany a total of 20,100 flu cases to the laboratory of the Robert Koch Institute shipped, including 49 mortalityproven to be due to the flu. "The real case numbers are probably much higher than those registered by the working group," says the spokesperson Susanne Glasmacher, The reason: not all methods send in samples. Moreover, not every flu patient goes to the doctor. So far, 541 doctors have passed these cases this season.

Other EU countries are more affected

In European comparison, the number sick in Germany still on a normal level. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) is a strong one nowadays outbreak of the flu virus by France. Italy. Greece. Hungary. Romania. Bosnia and Herzegovina as well Albania, The increase after the first four weeks since the beginning of outbreak of the flu virus in Germany be moderate and typical for the period, says glass manufacturer,

Regional influenza can spread at different speeds and be strong. in Saxony-Anhalt 600 new diseases were recently discovered within a week, as shown by an overview of the State Consumer Protection Agency. That is much more than twice as much as last week when new 226 cases were registered. in North Rhine-Westphalia At the beginning of February, in 1746, only half as many influenza cases were reported as in the last two winters around this time.

Vaccination – if there is still a vaccine

Last winter it fell outbreak of the flu virus exceptionally strong. Nationwide, about nine million people went to the doctor for a flu. It is currently difficult to predict how the number of diseases will develop this winter glass manufacturer,

The vast majority of sick is not vaccinated according to the data. Experts continue to advise against vaccination despite the late date. Especially for older people, pregnant women and people with a weak immune system, this measure can be very useful, he recommends Robert Koch InstituteHowever, there are now in the doctor's practices and pharmacies only isolated vaccine.

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