The number of "quarantine" classes in Lipetsk schools remains the same

And the number of schools with unlearned children has even decreased.

Starting today Lipetsk has closed 14 classes of eight schools for quarantine for influenza and ARVI. This GOROD48 reported in the Department of Education City Hall.

On Monday, January 4, 14 classes of eleven schools in the city were quarantined.

The schools of the city continue to carry out a complex of anti-epidemic measures – constant monitoring of the hygienic conditions of the buildings is ensured, airing and disinfecting are observed, as well as monitoring of the epidemiological situation on influenza, ARVI and pneumonia with the mandatory specification of the causes.

The incidence of influenza and ARVI as a result of these measures, as well as the previous massive vaccination of school children and teachers, in Lipetsk, is below the threshold of the epidemic. Therefore there is no question of a complete closure of schools in the quarantine of the city.



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