The policemen walk for an hour with the patient suffering from dementia, gathering her with relatives | News of Kolkata

Calcutta: a 70-year-old resident of Alipore Avenue and a dementia patient who left home Thursday night to forget the way back, after several hours he met with his family in the New Alipore police. The police walked with her for almost an hour until late at night in the alleys and narrow streets that led to Alipore Avenue in search of a "Kajaria" plaque until they found her husband worried and anxious. The children of the elderly couple, who moved abroad, joined the New Alipore policemen to express their personal gratitude through Skype, also telling how upset and helpless they were until the mother had returned home late night.

Before the cops, however, he was a forty-one-year-old resident of the Durgapur colony, Biswajit Das, who first noticed the lady, anxious and tired, standing near the B P Poddar hospital. It was evening and soon it would be dark. "She looked very tired and told me son, I lost my home," said Das. "I took it very casually. I told her back, Aunt, the house is where she is, you are lost. And then I realized that she was crying. I felt very bad about myself. She looked from an adequate family It had a gold chain around its neck with a diamond pendant, bracelets and gold rings, I sat it down, offered it a little water and got it. He asked for his name. He was trying to remember it, he seemed stressed. Then he spilled some numbers. The first set of numbers was a wrong number. And then he kept saying numbers of 13-14 digits. I was afraid for her. he was at all sure sending her away in a taxi while he continued to insist, "said Das. So he informed the New Alipore police.

When the old woman was taken to the police station and seated, after a while she could only remember "Kajaria". The police were unable to trace a single missing case that matched its details on the central server. At the same time, the new Alipore OC Amit Shankar Mukherjee has published his photograph in various local WhatsApp groups of which he is a member. An official said that the only Kajaria they could immediately remember is the office of Kajaria Tiles nearby. First the cops approached them trying to connect with other Kajaria families. They provided some contacts in the Alipore Avenue area. Meanwhile, Mukherjee began receiving several responses from people who claimed to belong to a family on Alipore Avenue. "But no one could specify his address," an officer said. So, along with the cops in tow, the woman was taken to the Alipore Avenue area. "He could not immediately remember the road, so we also checked the number plates along the lines," an officer said.

After a search, which lasted about 50 minutes, the police finally found the tag they were looking for in 2J Alipore Avenue, which fell under the Alipore police station. The woman finally recognized her home and entered it. Once inside, she found herself with her husband extremely worried. "Her husband, who is also very old, told us that his wife suffered from dementia attacks. After she was not found, they were looking for her helplessly. They were brooding to ask the police for help," an officer said. "The husband was extremely helpless. He too is very old and all their children remain outside Calcutta. Together they were anxious," the official added. On Friday morning, Mukherjee received a Skype call from the woman's son, who personally conveyed his gratitude for the help his mother brought home.

The woman could be in the early stages of dementia or suffer from "transient amnesia," according to Rind Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS) consultant Arindam Biswas. "Transient amnesia triggers a temporary memory loss. It continues to repeat itself but may not get worse. Sudden loss of memory could also be a sign of dementia. If it is dementia, the periods will become progressively longer and more intense" said Biswas.


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