The second shipment of the influenza vaccine has arrived in the Tula region

The second episode of the adult vaccine, Sovigrip, was delivered to the Tula area in the amount of 279,130 ​​doses. In total, 258,769 people were vaccinated in the Tula region on 2 November.

The infant vaccine Ultrix was delivered in the region in an amount of 58,605 doses. From November 2, 5872 people had been vaccinated.

At the expense of the regional budget, 20,000 doses of the vaccine "Sovigrip" and "Grippol Plus" were purchased.

At the expense of personal funds from companies, 6,543 people were vaccinated.

In total, 22% of the total population was vaccinated in the Tula region from 22 November.

The epidemiological situation of influenza and ARVI in the region is prosperous, typical of this period. After 44 weeks, 4,817 cases of SARS were recorded, 47% lower than the epidemic threshold and 6% lower than last week's level. In the context of individual age groups, the incidence is also below the threshold level.

According to the press service of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Tula region, according to the results of laboratory monitoring, viruses of non-influenza aetiology circulate.