The sedentary lifestyle puts our health at risk

The sedentary lifestyle puts our health at risk

USA. Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer or dementia are some of the pathologies that can affect a quarter of the world's population due to sedentary lifestyle, as warned by a new report that the World Health Organization (WHO) has just published in The Lancet. published.

Report. In order to carry out the study that produced these conclusions, the responses to 358 surveys in 168 countries were analyzed, registering information of 1.9 million people.

Physical inactivity is a global problem, but more acute in higher income countries, where 37% of the population is not active enough (about 40% of US adults, 36% in the UK and 14% in China), while developing countries, such as Mozambique and Uganda, only 6% of the population is sedentary. In America, the most sedentary country is Brazil, where 47% of the population lacks physical activity, although it is comparable to residents of Costa Rica (46%), Argentina (41%) and Colombia (36%). ).

On the contrary, the most active people are those who live in Uruguay, where only 22% of the population is not very active, Chile (26%) and Ecuador (27%).

As far as Spain is concerned, 22.9% of men and 30.5% of women do not exercise enough physical exercise. It was known that women are more sedentary than men.