The tax on sugar, the only exception to the tax benefit

© Presidency

Only sprained "Tax break" from the government in its draft budget 2019, the establishment of the famous tax on all sweet products. Tax that will be used to feed the special account for prevention and health created at the end of 2017.

Vice President for Economy and Finance Teva Rohfrisch recalled the 2018 economic conference, which took place earlier this week, that the principle of "Tax break" in the next draft budget 2019.

However, an exception to this principle has also been announced. The creation of the famous "Tax on sweet products" the proceeds will be donated to the special prevention and health bill created in December 2017, Teva Rohfritsch explains.

A law of the country will be presented to the meeting to determine the exact modalities of the implementation of this tax. The text is currently being finalized. But in principle, the vice-president explains that the tax will be applied to the sugar level of products. And he promises that she will stay "Moderate".

It should be noted that although the President of the country has also mentioned a similar tax on alcoholic products in the last few days, this is not foreseen in the initial budget of 2019.

But in the government we show that Edward Fritch asked to accelerate on the subject after the last crime prevention council, which was largely devoted to the fight against addictions, including alcohol.

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