The unusual case of the young Brazilian who was paraplegic for a nose piercing

It all started with the redness of the nose and back pain.

Layane Dias is 20 years old and left paraplegia because she had pricked her nose and applied a piercing. She was glad she had done an internship, planned a trip with her family to celebrate, but did not expect her to live what she considers the worst stage of her life.

Days after they had received the piercing, she began to feel a lot and strong pain in the back, she had to take self-medications to calm down the pain and go to work. Make sure it worked initially, but the day-to-day pain increased more and had to leave his job.

The pain was so strong that he could not move his legs and eventually the rest of the body.

"I could not feel anything from the breasts down," he told BBC Brazil.

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The neurosurgeon who visited her explained that the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, which transmits diseases through the blood, entered her body through an infection.

"The doctor asked me if there was a wound in my nose or something like that because, as he explained to me, that bacteria is usually generated in the nostrils, that's when I told him that I had a nose piercing last month," he said. from.

At that moment the diagnosis was clear, the doctor told him that "the piercing was the gate of the bacteria to your body".


"I put one on the right side of my nose three times," said the young woman.

But in June he decided to change position and become one on the left and it was the first time that he had blood during the perforation. Moreover, it was inflamed and the tip of the nose turned red, but did not matter much.

"I thought it was just a grain, but it gave me a fever, I tried it myself, I applied some ointment and the week went away," he said.

For the dermatologist Alessandra Romiti the case of Dias is extremely strange, because the complications of a piercing in general usually only manifest in the area where the earring is placed.

"One day I woke up with a lot of back pain, I did not care much, I thought it was something muscular, I took a remedy, but the pain was still intense, the pains continued the next day, My mother brought me to the pharmacy, they injected me something and the pain disappeared, it was a relief, "he said.

Facebook Layane Dias

The relief, however, was short-lived because the pain returned the next day, but it succeeded in reducing its intensity with medication. The pain continued for several days until it was unbearable and he chose to go to a medical center.

On the x-ray of the back, the doctor saw no abnormalities, despite the intense pain that Dias felt. One day, when she woke up, she no longer felt her legs.

In the blood and urine tests that were performed on him, he came with a blood infection. Her case was classified as very serious and she was transferred to hospital in the country's capital, Brasilia.

"The pain became stronger, but the doctors could not give me an exact diagnosis."

He even had to take morphine to resist the pain, but this caused hallucinations and stopped the treatment.

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Then an MRI showed that he had 500 milliliters of pus between three vertebrae and pressed his spinal cord. Then she was operated to remove the fluid.

Oswaldo Ribeiro Márquez, the surgeon in charge of the operation, said that although it is rare for a person to become paraplegic through a piercing.

"The patient underwent a skin procedure that caused an infection that gave access to the bacteria in the bloodstream, and he had never been affected by back pain, so most likely the problem was caused by the bacteria in his blood, "explains the neurologist.

The expert says that although it is possible that the girl has become paraplegic because of the slope, the cause can only be determined by a genetic study.

The medical intervention was necessary to prevent that she would die, because the pus could cause an infection that could have killed her, the paraplegia could have spread.

Facebook Layane Dias

Dias says she felt devastated when she realized she would not walk anymore and that her whole life would be in a wheelchair. Although doctors expect him to regain mobility in his legs, they say it is too early to know.

For now, receive physical therapies and psychological therapies.

The young woman made her story known through Instagram to raise awareness and people who want a pervasive recommendation that they do this with care and take into account the necessary hygienic measures.