Three-fingered mummies in Peru are aliens, claims controversial Russian scientist

Whilst the mummies of Peru have been largely dismissed as currently being hoaxed by the scientific group, conspiracy theorists are even now fascinated by the &#8216three fingered mummies&#8217 with elongated heads that were identified in Peru previous calendar year.

Now, in a shocking revelation, one particular Russian ‘expert’ promises that he has completed DNA tests to confirm that the mummified continues to be are not human.


In accordance to a report published in The Everyday Mail, Dr Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal College, said the mummies are &#8216aliens&#8217.  

No stranger to controversy, Dr Korotkov was widely criticised in 2008 when he claimed to have produced a digital camera that could photograph the human soul.

One particular of the mummies, known as Maria, was discovered by a staff led by controversial Mexican journalist Jamie Maussan in early 2017.

The conspiracy stemmed from the reality that the entire body experienced a deformed head and elongated fingers.

Dr Korotkov of Saint-Petersburg University explained at the time the features were not a deformity and that the find was &#8216another creature, another humanoid.&#8217

Now Dr Korotkov his team claim to have undertaken genetic assessments on tissue samples taken from the mummy, as effectively as a second individual located close by named Vavita, Sputnik News reports.

According to reports, the bodies day again to about the 5th century Advertisement and could be extraterrestrials or cyborgs.

Nevertheless, British alien skilled Nigel Watson, creator of the UFO Investigations Handbook, has dismissed the conlusions as hoax.

According to the investigation group, Vavita was 9 months aged when she died and Maria was an grownup female, top them to believe they had been mom and little one.

Dr Korotkov said that tomographic scans expose that the tissue has organic mother nature and their chemical composition suggests that they are people.

He additional included that their DNA functions 23 pairs of chromosomes, just people but their anatomic composition is different.

The paranormal researcher added that the folks&#8217 rib composition is diverse to that of individuals as the bones are keel-formed in the upper part and the rib cage consists of semicircular ribs.

The researchers extra the staff also researched the mummies&#8217 interior organs and have discovered many mummified inside organs.

The body was discovered coated in white powder, which new checks display this powder is the antibacterial chemical cadmium chloride.