University Hospital of Toulouse: they save a thirteen-month-old baby thanks to an unpublished operation

Born prematurely in August 2017, Alex was convicted. The doctors predicted him a life expectancy of a few months because of thevery rare pathology, called "right ventricular double problem" who hit him.

According to France Bleu Occitanie, the little boy was only the third case that was registered in the world to present this heart disease. If we use the past, it is because the baby is out of danger, after two operations performed at the University Hospital of Toulouse.

Dr. Fabio Cuttone, a cardiac surgeon at the children's hospital, first operated the baby three days after birth. Subsequently, in April 2018, he performed a "conotruncal rotation" that consisted of reconstructing the heart according to a method that was never performed in a patient suffering from this pathology.

Without using artificial prostheses, the surgeon has "uncoupled" the aorta and pulmonary artery, before using them and put them back in the right place.

This difficult technique makes it possible to restore a normal heart for the patient. The required two and a half hours of intervention in which the child's heart was stopped. Today, even if it is followed once a month by the surgeon, Alex is healed and was able to return home.