Vampire Facials & # 39; in New Mexico alarm for possible transmission of HIV and hepatitis

The health authorities of New Mexico are warning those who, between May and June of this year, have a vampire faculty & # 39; have been made to be tested for HIV and hepatitis, following reports of an infection in a spa in Albuquerque.

But what is a vampire face & # 39; In this procedure, which became popular after Kim Kardashian would promote him on his Instagram, the patient's blood is extracted, the plasma is isolated, a substance that is part of the blood and that is rich in blood platelets.

After the plasma has been rotated in a centrifuge, it is reinjected into the patient's face. The initiators say that this rejuvenates the skin and regenerates it.

Officials from government and health regulators inspected the VIP Spa and experienced problems how the needles were stored, handled and discarded. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health he told NPR that "although it is still early in the study, no other infections have been found".

The spa, located at 809 Tijeras Avenue, NW Suite B, Albuquerque, was immediately closed by the authorities according to CNN.

If you have any questions, please contact the Midtown Public Health Office at (505) 670-8615 or (505) 827-0006.

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