Video .. Dr. Dermatology warns against repeated use of shampoo against the crust

Most girls suffer from a problem Hair loss And bomb and the appearance of the crust, and this problem is disconcerting and shameful for many of them, use many cosmetics that are ultimately useless.

The President of the Egyptian Society for the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis and the advisor of therapeutic nutrition and beauty Dr. Dr. Abu Hajjaj, tips to prevent attendance her cortex This affects many young men and women, as well as men who appear at a young age as a result of the adoption of bad habits such as hair types, including keratin and protein and gel, which is used on the hair daily with frequent hair.

She also uses shampoo against the skin, is usually mostly wrong, so it should be treated under the supervision of medical and special cortices, and should work in Organic, so the shampoo is used twice a week against the crust and is equivalent to the use of normal shampoo to softened hair, Because it works to increase the crust, and there is a treatment of the crust and not only shampoo depending on the quality of the crust can be greasy crust or the degree of stress or degree of psoriasis or consumption of fat increase in hair or as a result of acne or treatment is wrong, For the consultant So that the situation is properly assessed.

She explained that for veils the veil on her head should wear a light layer and not have to place more than one layer in order not to hide the scalp and to be made of cotton, because it is the things that show that the cortex and the comb used to comb or iron hair, wood or ivory and wide, especially if the hair is washed and the scalp is massaged after washing, it is important and do not let the hair get wet and the hair was warm water and then place the last water on the hair to close the pores of the hair so as not to suffer hair loss, and also when the use of the cream or Kondishner is placed on the ends of the hair over the scalp.

If you use dyes that are preferably free of ammonia and intermittent so as not to hurt the hair as if your hair is Haish and rough instead of using hair types such as protein and keratin, which causes hair loss, but prefers nourishing creams and cream baths and oil.

She pointed to the importance of good nutrition and this by drinking plenty of water, reducing salt and sugar and preventing gherkins.