without tampons or towels they practice a free instinctive flow during their menstruation

According to his followers, this practice, which consists of holding his menstruation before he lets him go to the toilet, would enable him to regain control of his body, besides being ecological and economical.

"To be honest, I did not think it was possible at first." And yet it is eight months since Claire Do stopped to use hygienic protection during menstruation. On her YouTube channel, between her gingerbread recipe and her intentions for the new year, this 30-year-old mother tells how she decided to try a method: free instinctive flow, says FIL. The target? Banish tampons, towels and menstrual cups to block the blood flow before they walk through the toilet. In summary: live your rules while living with your bladder.

The method originated in the United States, under the free flow instinct. His first French-speaking event was from blogger Lena Abi Chaker. Contacted by Franceinfo, this Swiss woman says she was the first to write on the FIL in an article posted on her blog in 2012. "But in 2015 there was a peak in interest for the subject", explains the young woman, a follower of free instinctive flow for nearly ten years.

Their number is unknown, but for women who have made the leap, IDF is often part of a holistic approach, centered around the pursuit of well-being and alternative care practices. "I started the free instinctive flow because I find myself in a waste-free, natural, minimalistic approachtells Claire Do. I tried to change my hygiene protection. " This is when you see one of the many YouTube videos on the topic being clicked. For its part, the 31-year-old Aurore Sovilla can no longer wear a tampon or menstrual cup. This psycho-energetic FIL practiced for a few months and for her the method proved to be saved.

In the beginning I found it archaic. It is a pretty special experience, but you can completely rediscover your body.Aurore Sovilla, psycho-energetic on franceinfo

For Jessica Spina, author of the book The free instinctive flow or the art to refrain from periodic protection (Edition L & # 39; instant présent), this practice is primarily an alternative to tampon and cut, which, if left in the vagina for too long, can lead to a syndrome of toxic shock, a very rare but potentially fatal infection. The disposable sanitary napkins, too polluting, did not meet either. "With the free flow, the bacteria do not proliferate in the body because there is no stagnation of the menstrual blood This method does not pose a health problem", provides this naturotherapist on franceinfo. "There is everything to win: you no longer buy periodic protection and learn to listen to your body again. " For her followers, such as Aurore Sovilla, practicing FIL is a way to rediscover her femininity.

We have cut through too many of our female cycles. The free instinctive flow allows me to reconnect with my feelings, to observe my reactions.Aurore Sovillaon franceinfo

By controlling the blood flow, you are watching your body. "In my book I emphasize that free instinctive flow also allows itself small moments for oneself during someone's rules, spending an hour with what we like," Jessica Spina suggests. For her, the free instinctive flow is one "great way to (…) recover his autonomy on his rules".

But for those who tested it, the first cycles were labor-intensive. In practice, the free instinctive flow is far from self-evident to adopt. Because the method is based on blocking the blood of the rules thanks to its perineum. "We do not have a sphincter at the level of the vulva: we can not hold the blood when we reach the bottom of the vaginal canal, but if we feel it when it comes out of the womb, we can contract the perineal muscles. the toilet to go", details Lydia Vasquez, who practices FIL for about ten years. "First I went to the bathroom every fifteen minutes and when I heard the warning signs," reminds Claire Do, who works at home, making it easier to go back and forth to the bathroom. Now she does not go there more often than every two hours.

While some signals feel, such as pressure on the bladder or a slight contraction, others even manage to slow the blood flow almost unconsciously.

It is really an instinct. I know when it will come. At night it wakes me up. I do not have a physical sensation but I know I have to get up.Claire Doon franceinfo

"It is fascinating and liberating at the same time" summarize Aurore Sovilla. "For me it is like a child that stops the diapers, these are habits to change.The FIL requires vigilance, attention and observation of small signs", summarizes the psycho-energetic.

Lydia Vasquez has been teaching female families of all ages, in France and abroad, for five years. She recognizes that "it is not immediately clear" but with a job of introspection, "it becomes a reflex". According to the followers of the free instinctive flow, after a few months it is not necessary to concentrate. They ensure that the body takes over, so that he can do his job without fear of an early leak.

But for the doctors everything is not that simple and it is free instinctive flow nrequires some predisposition, starting with a tonic perineum. After her delivery Claire Do discovered that the FIL was sensitive to her: "Some have an ultra-muscular perineum, but that is not my case, I can not stop my flow for a long time, I need a toilet not far away."

In the case of abundant periods, the FIL does not seem ideal. This is the case of Aurore Sovilla: since she has placed an IUD she sometimes has haemorrhages of hemorrhage and it is then impossible to practice the method.

Still, according to his followers, are the benefits of a free instinctive flow many. Most people notice that their menstruation becomes less painful. For Nathalène Detoeuf, gynecologist-obstetrician, this weakening of stomach pain can be explained by the decrease in anxiety caused by the arrival of menstruation. "To know oneself and to have self-confidence reduces the pain: some young girls have stomach pain at the beginning of their puberty and when they know each other better than women, these pains disappear", she explains to Cheek Magazine. The duration of the rules would also tend to shorten after a few months of practice.

I had my seven-day period with small spills the last two days. Now it only takes five days in total.Claire Doon franceinfo

Result: the free instinctive flow is becoming increasingly curious. In her training Lydia Vasquez makes sure to see women with very different profiles. "In the past it was an exercise reserved for some women hyper in point on the meditation, the ecology, a bit marginal. Now I have everything. Many women want to return to something natural ", She notices.

The idea is difficult to find a place in the medical world. In front of the gynecologists contacted by USAinformationsthe free instinctive flow remains very mysterious. "I do not know much about it, so I can not answer you", "I can not understand how it is possible"… The answers are often cautious, even careful compared to this practice.

"I would have to confirm that it is not dangerous, reacts the gynecologist and endocrinologist Christian Jamin. And we can not say that it is within everyone's reach: it seems difficult to voluntarily contract his uterus. Doctors are especially concerned about the proliferation of bacteria by the long time holding of his blood in his vagina.

Hold the blood "a few hours is not dangerous"answers doctor and blogger Martin Winckler in Cheek Magazine. "The only dangerous thing is to place something in the vagina that microbes could introduce and not remove.. The blood of the rules is not & # 39; infected & # 39; ", he continues, welcoming the fact that those who practice "feel more satisfied". To everyone to give their opinion by testing the method.

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