Woman thorn with a rose bush and bacteria devours her leg (photo)

Woman thorn with a rose bush and bacteria devours her leg (photo)

The woman lived a true nightmare

Give away roses It is a romantic and loving detail, but it can be fatal because of the thorns. To prove it, the following case suffered by a woman, originally from Boston, United States.

Julie Broude sen was repairing the garden of her house when she pruned her rose his leg was seasoned. She did not pay much attention to it because she never imagined the serious health problems she would have.

Days passed and Julie saw a strange inflammation. Then the color changed and she was alarmed, so she decided to go to the hospital. Once there, the specialists have carried out several tests and discovered that one & # 39; comecarne & # 39; bacteria I could kill her.

The doctors informed the relatives of the woman who had done it clostridium septicum, bacteria that are normally found in the soil and that succeeded in penetrating the body through the wound that was made with the thorns of the rose bush.

Julie had to undergo seven surgeries to completely eradicate that the rare condition remained her limbs.

Because the woman was too late to go to the hospital, the bacteria pulled ahead and made sure she lost a lot of her right buttock and her hip.

I never thought something like that would happen to me, it's awful, but I'm glad I'm staying alive. "

The woman had a big scar on her leg. You can, however, continue to carry out your activities in a normal way. The family members are grateful that the bacterium has not ended with the life of Julie and hope that she can recover completely soon.

With information from La Opinión, El Debate and La Tribuna

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