Woman weighing 100 kg hangs herself after a bariatric surgery to become slimmer

If you plan to weight loss or bariatric surgery, every moment quickly, be careful and pay attention to some things before you go. For those with extra fat layers in the body, it may sound too cold to come under the needle for a smooth body. However, this operation can lead to several other complications. Not only with your body, but it can also ruin your mind and leave you in an acute state of depression.

Apart from the risk of getting a range of chronic conditions such as dumping syndrome that can make you feel nauseous and dizzy, low blood sugar levels, malnutrition, vomiting, ulcers, bowel obstruction and hernias, bariatric surgery can also lead you to severe depression. Worse, it can make you suicidal and claim life. That is exactly what happened to Staffordshire, based on Kelly Bundred, a woman who lost as much as 100 kg through bariatric surgery and became remarkably thin. She did not, however, like to hang herself from her appearance after surgery and from depression.

Kelly weighed up to 190 kg at her heaviest in 2014 and dropped in March 2015 after a year's timer to about 67 kg after she had undergone the weight loss operation, a recent media report said.

Her husband allegedly claimed that while she opted for gastric bypass surgery to reach her dream figure and become slimmer, the post-operative gaze did not make her happy. She felt more devastated by her new meager looks and committed suicide.

According to recent reports in the media, Kelly, the mother of one, had been obese since childhood and, after her daughter was born in 2003, she had to deal with persistent obsessions about her height and postnatal depression. While her husband thought, this weight loss surgery would improve her condition, it ended in taking her life.

It has been reported that Kelly had committed suicide twice before and eventually hanged himself in April last year.

Published: 15 September 2018 15:30