You still exhale tobacco smoke until six hours later

the harmful substances snuff can keep exhaling for up to six hours after being consumed and therefore can be converted into Passive smoker to family members, including minors, said today a specialist from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

"The tobacco addiction not only does it cause damage to the health of the person using it, but also to whom it interacts, in the family, social or work, "said Karina Vázquez Alcántara, pediatrician pulmonologist at the Regional General Hospital number 1 in Sonora.

The specialist said in a statement that it is useless for a person vapor away from home because until six hours after smoking the last cigarette, it will continue to exhale.

Also to prevent further contamination of people, the smoker must wash his mouth, wash himself and change clothes before entering the house.

The specialist noted that it is difficult to attack this addiction if the person has not understood the damage indirectly caused to his family members.

All people must avoid cigarette smoke.

In the case of pregnant women, it has been established that the incidence is directly related to the newborns, since they are born with reduced lung function.

That is why it increases the risk that these babies have constant respiratory problems in their early years and are asthmatic if the disease persists after three years.

"The smoke and its pollutants will cause the lungs to become inflamed and develop asthma in children, a disease that can be avoided if tobacco addiction", said the specialist.

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