Youth Vaping a & # 39; Public Health Crisis & # 39; in Jefferson County

Youth Vaping a & # 39; Public Health Crisis & # 39; in Jefferson County

LAKEWOOD, CO – Young people in Colorado double nicotine on the national average, a new survey shows, and almost four times as many Colorado students report themselves to cats than to cigarette smoking.

The Jefferson County Public Health Department has announced a campaign to address the vaping of young people and voted to give young people the vaping of a health crisis in Jefferson County & # 39; explain.

"While huge profits have been made to reduce tobacco use in our communities, it remains the leading cause of avoidable death and disease in our state and throughout the country," according to a statement from the JeffCo health department.

The data from the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey shows that one in three adolescents has used some form of tobacco / nicotine in the past month. While less than 10 percent smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes evaporated or used up to 27 percent.

"Vaping has replaced cigarettes as a way for underage young people to use nicotine," said Larry Wolk, executive director and head of the medical department of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. "Too many of our young people do not realize what the health risks are."

Research from the state-wide school found that 87 percent of high school students in Colorado feel that cigarette smoking is risky, but only 50 percent think those risks are applicable to vaping nicotine.

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