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How to Use a Custom Wax Seal

Wax sealing is no longer popular since people don’t really send out physical letters anymore. Custom wax sealing was commonly used to seal off letters before they get sent through the mail. That was long, long ago. As time passes, people rely more on technology since it is much quicker as well.

In this advanced era, the custom wax seal has found different purposes and uses. It is more well known as something to use as a decoration, for example for wedding stationery or things alike. It can also be done as a hobby. People can get as creative as they can with wax seal now, and there are more types of wax seals as well as decorations to explore compared to what’s available hundreds of years ago.

To understand more about the wax seal, read more below.

1. Choose the right type of wax

For the purpose or uses of the wax that you have in mind, you have to be able to choose the right type of wax. Sometimes it also depends on the type of tools you have. There are many different types of waxes and they are intended for different purposes, so you have to know what type of wax work for what type of surface or material. For example, there are traditional wax and flexible wax. The traditional wax is less flexible compared to the flexible wax. So, it breaks easy. For some people, this is good. But for some others, it is not. Also, since this type of wax is quite frail, the characteristic makes it a bad option for sealing letters or envelopes. On the other hand, the flexible wax is better suited for the job. And not only that, but the flexible wax can also be used on curved surfaces such as bottles.

Make sure you understand each characteristic of the type of wax so that you can always choose the right wax for your intended purpose.

2. Stamping

Now, let’s get to the fun part, which is stamping. Although, a little before that, make sure that you already have the right tools and equipment for this.

Generally, you will need a wax, heat source, a tool to pour the wax onto the material, and also, of course, a stamp. The common tool people use for wax sealing is either a glue gun or a wax sealing spoon. The two of them are quite different from each other, but in general, they are used for the same purpose of melting the wax and pouring them onto the desired material. A glue gun is more convenient since it does not need a separate heat source. However, a lot of people recommend a wax sealing spoon for beginners.

Never forget about the stamp. You can make your own stamp design and have the stamp made by a stamp manufacturer with the desired size and diameter.

To make a wax seal, you have to first heat up the wax until it melts thoroughly. Make sure that there is no lump remaining in the melted wax. And then, you can pour it onto the surface that you want. Try to go for a good round shape that fits the size of your wax seal stamp. After it is poured, you have to be quick and press down your stamp against the melted wax. Wait until it is hardened and there you go, you’ve got yourself a wax seal.

Take note that several types of wax need different time to stamp. Some are better to be stamped right away while it’s still boiling hot. However, some others need to cool down a little before it is stamped so that it can produce the best quality possible. To learn about this, you have to give it a go yourself by tackling several trials and errors.

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