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Know More About Types of Wax and How to do Wax Sealing

Wax sealing was popular around the Middle Ages. The earliest wax seal was made with beeswax and resin. During that time, wax seal was used for correspondence, mostly, because it can make sure that the letter that gets delivered hasn’t been tampered with. Also, a wax seal can also assure authenticity of the sender. To find out more info you can visit Professor Flyer & Name Card Printing

Nowadays, people don’t really send out letters anymore. Thus, the use of wax seal has lessened by a lot. However, it is still quite popular for decorations and arts or crafts. If you are one of the people who are interested to get to know more about wax sealing, then here are the things that you must understand before you start. 

1. Types of Wax 

Generally, there are two types of wax that you can choose for wax sealing.  

The first type is the traditional wax seal. This type of wax seal has the similar formula to the wax that was used back in the middle ages. The traditional wax is best known for its breakability. The wax easily breaks once it gets tampered with. This can really ensure confidentiality and is great for letters that are sent from hand to hand. However, it is not suitable for sending out letters with the mail because it may break along the way. 

On the other hand, the flexible wax is the type of wax that is supple and easier to use. Since it is more flexible than the traditional wax, it doesn’t break as easy and it suits mailing better. Often, the flexible wax is made for uses with glue gun as well as wax beads. However, some wax beads are also a type of traditional wax. 

2.  Wax Wick 

Some waxes come with wick, and some don’t. Even though it is a small thing, it can make a different result. Some people think it is more convenient to melt down a wax that has wick. But some people don’t like wicked wax because it leaves a soot residue and they are also slower to melt. 

3. Wax Seal Stamp 

When it comes to wax sealing, you definitely can’t forget about the stamp. Without the stamp, your wax seal cannot be complete. You can either get a pre made stamp or have one made specifically for you with a unique design that you make on your own. Whichever you choose, make sure that you get the best quality stamp. 

To use a wax seal stamp, first you have to melt down the wax and pour it down onto the surface that you want. Then, before it hardens, quickly press down a chilled stamp onto it. You can also do it with a normal temperature stamp, but the result will be better with a cold one. Wait until the wax hardens, and you can finally lift up your stamp. You have to be very careful in this process because if you lift up your stamp too quick, you won’t get a good impression, and your wax seal will be ruined.

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