5G frequencies: Mobile radio licenses auctioned in Switzerland

At an auction are in the Switzerland the first 5G mobile phone licenses have been sold. This was communicated by the Swiss Communications Commission. The companies Swiss Telecom, Sunrise and Salt, which already own the existing mobile licenses, paid a total of 380 million francs (335 million euros) for the licenses to the state.

The abbreviation 5G
 stands for the fifth mobile generation. The data transfer should
thus be up to a hundred times faster than the currently widespread
LTE / 4G standard. The introduction of 5G is considered
Prerequisite for important future technologies such as telemedicine or
the remote control of the industry.

Switzerland claims to be among the first European countries to offer 5G licenses. Some of the 15-year licenses have not yet been purchased. Five frequency blocks, each with five megahertz, are to be offered again later.

The licensing in Germany is controversial

In Germany, the 5G mobile licenses will be awarded in the spring. The German Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica and 1 & 1 Drillisch want to apply. The Federal Network Agency wants to make the auction conditional: only companies that commit to building radio masts and 98 percent of German households
as well as to provide tens of thousands of kilometers of highway with mobile Internet, the radio frequencies for mobile phone networks to buy. These conditions imposed in November 2018 for the
 next auction
but are far too extensive, say many network operators.

The company Telefónica,
 which operates the O2 network, for this reason, a few days ago
Cologne administrative court made an express application. The
Auction is therefore only after a judicial decision
about a lawsuit that the Telefónica already has in December
had submitted
, The expansion of the 5G mobile communications standard could therefore be delayed.


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