A petition launched to defend the freedom to inform

An AFP photo-reporter caught at a demonstration of "yellow vests" at Le Mans, January 12, 2019. – PATRICK SICCOLI PATRICK / SIPA

Journalists' organizations and associations on Friday launched a petition calling on citizens to end violence against the press and defend freedom of information. "The rise of violence against reporters is extremely serious and worrying, as are all arbitrary violence, no matter who the perpetrators are. Whether you are a demonstrator or a police officer, you can not pretend to defend freedom and attack journalism, "he says.
the text of this petition, hosted on the website of the NGO Reporters Without Borders.

"In France, the right to inform is a fundamental right, just like the right to protest. We are calling for citizen mobilization to end the violence against journalists. The citizens have the right to demonstrate, the journalists the one to inform, in the service of all ", concludes this petition.

It was initiated by several professional organizations of journalists and press photographers, journalists' associations and unions, including the European Federation of Journalists, SNJ and RSF, and journalists' societies and media editors' societies. , whose 20 minutes.

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