A police officer from Dallas has shot her neighbor and a city is full of questions

A police officer from Dallas has shot her neighbor and a city is full of questions

"You can not make people work so hard and have no error, and they can be life-threatening mistakes," the official said.

According to agents, the shootings reminded them of a similar case in 2016. In that case, an N.B.A. player was shot deadly in Dallas after he broke into what he thought his girlfriend's apartment was. Bryce Dejean-Jones, 23, player of the pelicans in New Orleans, kicked open the door of an apartment in the middle of the night and the man who lived there, the authorities said, stunned. While Mr. Dejean-Jones kicked the bedroom door, the man shot him down, the police said.

Mr. Dejean-Jones had tried to get into the apartment of his girlfriend, just above the unit into which he broke, his agent then said.

The floors of the South Side Flats, a modern luxury apartment complex with 288 units built in 2015 on the outskirts of downtown Dallas, have a similar design and layout: well lit, with buzzing ceiling fans and bare concrete floors. Residents said it was easy to get confused in the halls, and some said that they had occasionally gone to the wrong apartment. The light panels at the door of Mr. Jean and the door of officer Guyger have the same color.

Her mistake seemed to start when she parked on the fourth floor, not on the third floor where she lived, for reasons that are still unclear. She had lived in the complex for a short time, less than 60 days, officials said.

On Thursday, a few minutes after Mr. Jean's funeral on Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in nearby Richardson, his father, Bertrum Jean, 54, stood in a dining room upstairs and a gym, leaning against a bunch of retractable stands.

He embraced those who approached him and sometimes laughed. He just wanted to be with me everywhere, & # 39; said the older Mr. Jean and remembered when his son was five. I think I've spoiled him. & # 39;