A sacred place that has been rediscovered late

IVe in the XVe century. As evidenced by the remains found on the site, the presumed place of Christ's baptism at that time is Byzantine a high place of pilgrimage. Other testimonies from the believers who came to the XIIe century, confirm this idea.

1994. After the promulgation of the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty, the two armies withdraw from this border area, plagued by buried explosives. Two years later, in 1996, the excavations were launched, with great caution progressing in the minefield.

By drawing attention to Bethany, forgotten for centuries, the visit of Pope John Paul II raises the question of the future of this ancient valley. The archaeologist and Italian Franciscan father Michele Piccirillo proposes the construction of a unique monument. This idea will not be preserved and every church begins to build its structure on a site offered by King Abdullah II.

2015. Six years after the visit of Pope Benedict XVI and a year later of Francis, the site is officially on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The organization does not recognize the historical truthfulness, but the fact that it is so "For centuries a popular pilgrim destination".