Accident for school: Angry police writes a fire letter to helicopter parents

Guetersloh –

An accident in Gütersloh in North Rhine-Westphalia fits into the debate about helicopter parents currently being run in Germany: a 33-year-old father entered the foot of a nine-year-old girl against a primary school last Wednesday morning.

As the police report, the man had driven to the schoolyard by car and then escorted his two children to the entrance of the school.

When he was back in the car, he drove away so quickly that he drove over the foot of the girl, who was walking down the pavement with a friend. The child was slightly injured.

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"Absolutely ruthless towards other children"

This apparently made the police so angry that they had published a letter to their parents together with the accident report:

Dear parents of primary school children,

wWe understand that you are doing everything to protect your children and make life as easy as possible for them. However, we do not understand that some of you protect your own child, but are totally ruthless towards other children.

You have probably heard and warned by many that it is important for children to learn the right behavior in traffic. This includes practicing the safest way to go to school.

DBut your children will not learn if you drive them right in front of the schoolyard and then take them to the entrance. Your children are safe on the school grounds … and the other children traveling alone?

They drive their feet because they have to go on quickly. Not a bad joke – exactly this fact happened on Wednesday morning (12.09.) For primary school in Gütersloh-Friedrichsdorf on the Pelikanweg.

More and more children are being taken to school by their parents in recent years. This often leads to dangerous traffic situations for the schools, influences the development of the children and pollutes the environment. However, children must be fully involved in road traffic to empower them and allow them to travel alone, safely and independently.

DThe independent way of training gives the children valuable personal experiences – not predetermined by the adult world. The children are strengthened by their extensive mobility. They get responsibility for their own way to school and the time involved. They experience their own environment, strengthen their sense of direction and can communicate with other children.

Practice your children in an independent way! Because you daily experience your children, knowing their strengths and weaknesses, you can have a particularly positive influence on the behavior on the road.

Choose the safest and not the shortest way to school.

AIn dangerous places you can, for example, consult other parents and help the children take turns, such as crossing busy streets. Look for reflective materials on your children's clothing and on sports bags and school bags. Send the children away in time, haste and the hectic pace on the way to school reduces the concentration and increases the risk potential.