AfD: Embarrassing handling of the donation scandal - Politics

In the donation scandal, the party has entrenched itself behind excuses. Now she is in front of a pile of shards.

Comment by Jens Schneider, Berlin

The AfD lives as a political party in its own cosmos, and it usually lives surprisingly well. This is a special feature of our time, in which moods and alternative facts have a big impact. Out of the Bundestag, their politicians spread their own truths through their own channels, especially in social media. There they are celebrated by their followers and rarely questioned. That brings support and electoral success. But with that, the party lacks any regulatory to detect mistakes. That's another reason why bizarre conspiracy theories and a lot of lunacy, such as climate change, have become entrenched in their world. One trusts in being able to assert everything and ignores everything that does not suit – often large parts of reality. As successful as this method may be, it reaches its limits when it comes not to devoted followers but to law and order. This shows the fiasco of the AfD in the donation affair of Alice Weidel.

The AfD leader, also Weidel himself, has also preferred to believe in their allegations of protection rather than to demand and accelerate internal reconnaissance. She constructed evasions and entrenched themselves, as embarrassing as they might be. She has adopted a questionable explanation for the origin of the donation – and is now in front of a pile of shit.

AfD doubts about AfD donor list

Doubts about AfD donor list

The 14 persons indicated by the party at the Bundestag may not be behind the payments. The AfD could face a heavy penalty.By Sebastian Pittelkow, Katja Riedel, Jens Schneider

In the six years since it was founded, the AfD has obviously gotten used to the feeling that it can afford almost anything, gets along with just about everything. The party leaders Jörg Meuthen and Alexander Gauland want to bet on that now, instead of finally looking for mistakes internally. It is now a good quarter of a year since it became known that Weidel had received a considerable, probably illegal, donation in the 2017 general election campaign. It was a donation that she should have reported immediately and in no case would have accepted and certainly not allowed to use. But that's what Weidel did. The money was used for their political purposes and repaid only months later. The matter is embarrassing enough, the handling of the AfD developed even more embarrassing.

Hopefully legal consequences will make some followers think

After a brief moment of apprehension, Gauland, the party's most powerful man, fell into the typical counter-offensive for the AfD. He told Weidel and his party to victims of an alleged press campaign. He denied that there was a scandal at all. With him Weidel clung to the protective claim that she had indeed paid back the money. Then the AfD submitted to the Bundestag administration a list of alleged donors. It appeared dubious from the beginning, now the prosecution has made their doubts public.

It still has to show what kind of dizziness could fly up here. This is in the hands of the prosecutor and a possible sensitive fine for the AfD in the hands of the Bundestag administration. One can only hope that clear legal consequences at least some AfD supporters to think about this party, which always claims to be a constitutional state party, but apparently hide their own legal violations with grotesque tricks.

In court The fallen

The fallen

Frauke Petry was a star in the AfD. For her new party, she now appears in front of six people in the farthest corner of Saxony. On the way with the politician, who has been responsible since this Monday in the district court of Dresden.By Cornelius Pollmer