AfD loses in the electorate – Left grows

AfD loses in the electorate – Left grows

In the course of the discussion about the right-of-way the AfD loses the votes. Links also benefits from Sahra Wagenknecht & # 39; s new collection movement "Getting Up".

Against the background of the debate about a strengthening of right-wing extremism in Germany, the AfD loses its voter's favor. In the current RTL / n TV trend barometer published on Monday, it is 14 percent (2 percentage points lower than in the previous weeks). At the same time, the left side increases by 2 points to 10 percent. CDU and CSU are 31 percent (plus 1), SPD 16 (minus 1), Green 15 (minus 1) and the FDP 9 (plus 1).

A week ago, however, the AfD had earned two points under the direct impact of the events in Chemnitz. A 35-year-old had been stabbed in the Saxon city; suspected of being a Syrian and two Iraqis. Forsa boss Manfred Güllner told the media group RTL: "The AfD loses due to the formation resistance against violence from the right, the left side benefits from the media coverage of Sahra Wagenknechts new collection movement & # 39; get up & # 39 ;.


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