AfD presents confused Islam proposal: Greens man asks crucial question

In the video above you can see the scene from the Bundestag.

Climate crisis, diesel ban, explosive figures on long-term unemployment: this week many urgent subjects are on the agenda of the German Bundestag.

The AfD sets another priority on Thursday. The right-wing populists brought a request for the incompatibility of Islam with the constitution in parliament.

In it, the petitioners, including Vice-party leader Beatrix von Storch, quote from the Koran – and they call on the federal government to explain whether they are apparently illegal calls in the teachings of Islam & # 39; tolerate.

That would probably be able to find an equal number of Bible passages that are not in accordance with the basic law, the AfD clung strategically. The criticism of the pressure of the right-wing populists was sharp.

AfD-man Curio introduces application

It was AfD man Gottfried Curio, who presented the request. The MP known for his anti-Islamic attitude sounded: "Should such incitement now become a subject? (…) Do we now experience a complete disguise of our constitution?"

The texts of the Qur'an would be the "inner peace & # 39; compromising, warned Curio. He called the Koran a "real killer game". "In its unlimited form, Islam does not belong to the legal state of Germany".

Freedom of religion is not limited by the AfD application, the AfD man claimed. He accused Islam of promoting "honor killings," "complete scrambling" and "homophobia."

What Curio hidden: A few hours later, the AfD wants to submit a motion to reverse homosexual marriage.

Curio claimed: "Whoever votes against this proposal is not against the AfD …" Interrupted from the plenary: "Yes!"

Curio continued: "… but against the basic law."

Angela Merkel brought Islamic hatred to Germany with Islam, he continued with mob. More terrible cries came from the plenary session: "You have anti-Semites in your own party!"

CDU man Sensburg answers

CDU man Patrick Sensburg was the first to answer. He criticized that the AFD had submitted the application much too late. That is why nobody could prepare for the debate about the provocative thrust.

That has system. "He was then uploaded in the current form at 8:50 am I would like to ask for a bit of parliamentary collegiality."

The green politician Omid Nouripour then asked Sensburg if he understood the AfD application better than himself. "What does the AfD mean when it says Sharia? The problem with Reclam? Do you know what he is talking about? & # 39;

Nouripour made it clear: The history of Islam is a story about interpretation. There is no Sharia at all, but rather different interpretations of the Islamic legal system.

Many of these orders are also compatible with the basic law. The only ones who would interpret Islam as Curio are the Islamists and the AfD.

Sensburg replied that the AfD did not even distinguish between Sunnis, Shiites, Alevites, Alavites and other groups. "That's the same as saying that all AfDers are right-wing extremists!"

Even his colleague Christoph de Vries called the application & # 39; content completely confused & # 39; and & # 39; socio-politically destructive and hostile & # 39 ;.

FDP politician Martens: "They ignite a fire warrant!"

FDP man Jürgen Martens quoted from the Bible.

For example from the third book of Moses:

If a man lies with a man, as if he were lying with a woman, they both committed an abomination and absolutely had to be killed; her blood is on them!

That is also homophobic.

Religious writings have grown historically and may not be cut or altered by the state.

"Religious freedom means you can believe what you want, but you can only act according to the law!"

It does not matter whether a Muslim saves his wife by referring to the Qur'an, or a boy of the gospel punishes his children with reference to the Bible.

Both are a matter for the public prosecutor.

"They want a cracker to explode here before the elections in Bavaria, but they do not make fireworks, they burn in the middle of society!"