AfD state party conference Thuringia: AfD country chief Björn Höcke attacks the protection of the Constitution

Thuringia AFD chairman Björn Höcke has been voted the leading candidate for the state election in 2019 at the state party conference in Arnstadt with more than 84 percent. In his party speech Höcke made serious accusations against the Thuringian constitution protection. The possible observation of his party was an attempt to stigmatize the AfD, and also an attack on the political opposition in Germany.

Currently, Thuringia's constitutional protection department is investigating whether it is monitoring the AfD or parts of the party for possible anti-constitutional tendencies. The test case, which was also justified with utterances Höckes, according to constitutional protection is not yet completed and open-ended.
Höcke accused the president of the constitution protection, Stephan Kramer, abuse of office. Kramer presumed to make speculations about the mind of a person. The constitutional protection is a "rule-preserving instrument of the establishment," said Höcke and then drew a comparison to the state security: "A Stasi was enough, we will never again have." The AfD will therefore take legal action against an observation.
Höcke also distanced himself from the Thuringian Pegida offshoot Thügida, whose representatives are classified by the constitutional protection partially as right-wing extremists. The AfD practiced a political demarcation in Thuringia: "Pegida remains a natural ally for us and we have nothing to do with Thügida," said Höcke.
Höcke goes to distance to the NPD In his speech demanded Höcke, who is considered the spokesman of the ultra-right party wing, also a demarcation of the far-right NPD and thus followed the example of AfD Federal President Alexander Gauland. Gauland had previously said at a party conference of the Brandenburg AfD in the city of Brandenburg on the Havel: "Nazis do not belong in this party." Anyone who shares "Nazi Schweinkram", have nothing to look for in the AfD.
            Höcke acknowledged that there are a few members "who have slipped away politically". Against them is proceeded, "because we despise extremism from the deepest heart". This applies to left and right-wing extremism, religious extremism, GDR and Nazi folklore, but also to government extremism. An AfD official from northern Thuringia called on Höcke to give up a candidacy for the state list, because he shared an NPD entry in the social media.
            Violent coup plans rejected Höcke. Unlike when he was alleged, he wanted no overthrow. "I want the overthrow of the state and federal government in a democratic way." He wanted to return the old Federal Republic and thus the country "before the great breaking of the law".
            At the party convention of the AfD there was a tumultuous presentation of some candidates. Höcke had attacked party-internal opponents hard and asked the small group Alternative Middle: "Be constructive or finally cut off." Because of glitches in the distribution of ballots, the party convention had to be interrupted more than two and a half hours.