After diesel scandal: VW wants to offer exchange rates nationwide

First, VW and the Ministry of Transport had still argued about it. Apparently, VW boss Diess and Minister of Transport Scheuer have now largely agreed.

In future, the Volkswagen Group intends to offer so-called exchange premiums throughout Germany. This explained Volkswagen on request of South German newspaper, It would probably come, it said, but the corporate bodies on Monday and Tuesday would approve of this project.

The exchange premiums are intended to move owners of older diesel cars to switch to new cars. Thus, customers can expect the purchase of a Golf with about 4000 euros additional discount, in a Passat it is 7000 euros, if they give in return their old car the emission standard Euro 4 or Euro 5 for scraping. The regulation is vendor-independent and in addition to a so-called "environmental bonus", in which Volkswagen is currently trying to support the purchase of diesel new cars nationwide with a few thousand euros per car. As a consequence of the programs, Volkswagen is offering up to 15,000 euros discount on a Passat.

The idea, which is to lead to better air on heavily polluted with exhaust gas roads, was in circulation for several days, but had provided for detuning between Volkswagen and the Federal Ministry of Transport: Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had this plan – apparently unadjusted and from the perspective of Volkswagen hasty – announced in front of journalists and in a television talk show. This information policy had caused a further deterioration of the already tense relationship between VW boss Diess and Minister of Transport Scheuer.

In the opinion of Volkswagen, the Federal Government recently treated the company increasingly unfairly and weakened it with ever new demands and an unclear industrial policy. According to reports, because of all these points on Friday morning, there was also a crisis talk between Diess and Scheuer – which apparently relaxed the dispute a little. A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Transport confirmed that there had been an agreement with VW after several meetings in recent weeks on Friday

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