After Merkel withdrawal: ARD rejects additional talk show by Anne Will

The video above gives you all the information about the Merkel retreat as a CDU boss last Monday.

► Because the ARD on Sunday night the documentary & # 39; Football Leaks – On Greed, Lies and Secret Deals & # 39; showed, the talk show by Anne Will – despite the current political situation.

► Due to the announced withdrawal of Chancellor Angela Merkel from the CDU chief, the newspaper "Bild" thinks this is a Errors in the program planning, The gossip says: "Anne Will" goes up "Dive station". Accordingly would have the broadcaster and Will do not want to talk about the subject,


Presenter Anne Will. (Archie photo of 2015)

Moderator Will defend himself against the assumption that this is so "Of course total nonsense", she writes on Twitter. The opposite is the case.

Fact is: presenter Will has a contract with the ARD for 30 broadcasts per year, the dates are set in advance. A talk show for Sunday was not planned from the start.

NDR, however, had offered to make an extra show. The station, however, refused to show "the current investigation into the disclosure platform", as an ARD spokesperson for the "Bild" said.

Some background: The NDR was – in Germany together with the "mirror" – involved in the investigation into the football scandal.