After the failure of the Europeans, Ingrid Levavasseur targets the municipal

Ingrid Levavasseur, "yellow vest" of the first hour, January 15, 2019 in Grande-Bourgtheroulde. – Francois Mori / AP / SIPA

She had taken the lead in a list of "yellow vests" for the Europeans,
before giving up. Ingrid Levavasseur now intends to prepare for
of the 2020 movement. Without seeing the end of the movement, she believes that a "page turns" in the social movement.

According to her, protesters of act 18 "yellow vests" and those of the march for the climate will converge Saturday in the capital. "Tomorrow, it will probably be the last event, a very big event: all the people around me are making the last trip for the big march for the climate and the closing of the great national debate".

"I do everything in the field"

"I will participate in the climate walk," said the 31-year-old caregiver, one of the figures in "yellow vests". "I think the two events will join together to make them bigger." "I do not think it's the end of the movement, but it's a page that is turning into big events," she added.

Regarding the European, this declared ecologist will soon announce his vote, saying already exclude to vote for the insubordinate France, "too extreme in their ways to behave". Asked about the municipal elections, Ingrid Levavasseur, who acknowledges having put "the finger in politics" for a long time, said: "I'm getting ready, I want to work with my neighbor, to make up for the gaps, it will already be more palpable ( in the municipalities) than to go to the EU. The municipal ones I can not still speak about it but I put everything in the field for something to see the light of day ".

According to her, "there will be a lot of" yellow vests "who will run for mayor or be part of teams. The municipal will be another intense moment. "In the Eure, a mayor says that his program will be done only by the citizens. it is the positive aspect of the movement, it will have allowed exchanges, "she said.



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