Almost 500 officials in action: large police campaign in Frankfurt

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – Hundreds of policemen have taken action as part of a major action in the district of the Frankfurt train station, against drug and organized crime.

The officials were locked up during the Thursday night police raid Several streets at the central station and mainly pubs, pubs and brothels. Police chief Gerhard Bereswill spoke of 470 civil servants. Federal and city police also intensified the action, a balance of the operation should be known on Friday morning at the earliest.

According to Bereswill, however, there were already seven arrests in connection with drug trafficking before the invasion. "We want to show that we are present," said the chief of the large-scale control, for which several streets were closed. It's about showing drug dealers and other criminals that this is not possible & # 39 ;. On Twitter, the police wrote that city inspectors and food inspectors also had service.