Alternative drives: hydrogen against battery armor

Alternative drives: hydrogen against battery armor

The new luxury electric cars from Audi and Mercedes are too heavy and expensive for the mass market, say critics. Now the call for the fuel cell is getting loud again.


    The essentials are in the fine print. In the line "total weight" for example: 2.5 tons brings the new electric SUV from Mercedes on the scales – 650 kilograms more than the same size GLC petrol engine. Just as much, the batteries of the EQC weigh 80 kilowatt hours (kWh) capacity for 400 kilometers of range. The Stuttgart plan "quite high volumes" because they have to reduce their CO₂ fleet value. Audi also wants to sell more than 50,000 units per year from its new electric SUV by 2020. The 4.90 meter long E-tron carries around 700 kilograms of batteries. With climate protection such Elektrobrummer have only limited to do.


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