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Chancellor Angela Merkel
wants to reach a stronger one at the EU summit next week
Cooperation in the development of artificial intelligence
(AI) invade. Beyond a national AI strategy, there must be networking with France, said the Chancellor at the International Trade Fair in Munich. "And we need
a European strategy. "

Merkel also referred to her earlier announcement, in which
Meeting with the Heads of State and Government also on the
To support the industry. Merkel had with the
French President Emmanuel Macron agreed the subject
Industrial policy on the agenda of the EU summit on the 21st and 22nd
March in Brussels.

Merkel meets with business representatives

Before Merkel
Statements had the Federal Association of German Industry (BDI)
used for more involvement in German AI research. "Our
Investment must be in Artificial Intelligence research
 go for industrial applications, "said BDI President Dieter Kempf on Deutschlandfunk before a meeting of top associations of the
 German economy with the Federal Chancellor on Friday.

In order to
 you have to compete with economic powers like China, you have to
set priorities now. It does not make sense in areas too
compete in which other countries are already better. Instead
Research must focus on areas where Germany is
 strong. "That's industry data, that
 are platforms for industrial data, "said Kempf. Here are data
be and artificial intelligence be used.

No additional funding for AI research

 Prospects for state support for the research and application of artificial intelligence are likely to be poor.
A report of the Handelsblatt According to Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) do not provide any additional funds for this.

It should be concrete in the new financial plan until 2023
a total of only 500 million euros additional for the AI ​​strategy.
This sum had already been decided with the budget in 2019. About that
In addition, no additional funds would be made available, the report said.

 is considered a future technology for the entire economy. In order to
Germany catching up here, had the Federal Government in November one
Strategy presented
: By 2025, three billion euros in addition
flow into the research and application of AI.

 The projects of the ministries of research, economics and technology are to be implemented
According to the report, by shifts in their budgets
financed. In other words, the three ministries must
cut short to fund the AI ​​strategy.


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