Anne Hidalgo calls for "automatic measures" to restrict polluting vehicles

The city of Paris under a cloud of pollution on August 6, 2018. – GERARD JULIEN / AFP

"Faced with the peak of pollution, yesterday I proposed to the state services to temporarily ban the movement of polluting vehicles. They refused. Result, today, the air is unbreathable. Let's get out of inertia. Automatic measurements are required as soon as a peak occurs. This tweet from Anne Hidalgo was posted this Friday to propose an action to fight against the peak of pollution that meets
since Thursday the capital.

"Priority to public health, also claimed on Twitter his Deputy Transportation Christophe Najdovski. The City of Paris will continue to ask the State and the police chief to renew the differentiated traffic, to significantly reduce emissions of pollutants, as the situation will require in view of the weather forecast. "

No pollution spike this weekend

Airparif had warned Thursday of a "risk of exceeding the PM10 information threshold" for the same day and Friday. "For particles smaller than 10 m, the information level of 50 g / m3 on average over the day should be exceeded (Friday)," with a "maximum expected level in background situation in the Île-de-France region between 50 g / m3 and 60 g / m3, "according to a statement.

However, the information threshold for fine particle pollution is not forecast for Saturday, according to the Airparif website. In the event of a peak pollution, it is up to the State and local authorities to decide on measures, including differentiated traffic, which prohibits the circulation of the most polluting cars according to their Crit'Air stickers, which are mandatory at

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