Anton Orekh. Are you gay?

Anton Orekh. Are you gay?

Russian art is going through difficult times. Cinema – shit, actors, directors … Who watched the TV – he does not laugh in the circus. Taking the interview with Petrov and Boshirov seriously – not seriously. I missed in the course of just a voice-over, when the more stupid a joke, the louder the laughter. The public is asked by places where it should be fun.

But this nonsense could still be saved. The devil with them, with the passports of Petrov and Boshirov – the most important thing is that the people coincide and that it was not necessary to ask for passports. Margarita Simonyan should have immediately asked: "Are you gay?". And the boys, cheekily looking at the shameful face of Margarita, had to say loudly: "Yes, we love each other! We are gay and we see nothing bad about it!".

And then the whole world will only discuss this – how two scouts camped out of Russia. In a country where you can actually be imprisoned, simply because you & # 39; blue & # 39; or & # 39; pink & # 39; to say this in the air of television propaganda, propaganda is cool. Tear off the template, take risks! You also have a whole herd of PR people, speech writers and other neuroprogrammers – why can not you do a damn good right away! That the General of Golds improvises in you in a way of half a pig, these two living bots.

The fact that all the interview is lying – even in one way or another uncomfortable to explain, but the state still has to make itself a joke. Leave it annoying, doubtful, but at least something like something.

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