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Several media had questioned the integrity of Elisabeth Wehling's "Berkeley International Framing Institute".

According to linguist Elisabeth Wehling, the University of Berkeley knows that the scientist advises clients on linguistic topics under the brand name "Berkeley International Framing Institute". Wehling said on Friday that South German newspaperit is just a brand, not a scientific institute. It separates this activity from its scientific ones. That's what all their customers know.

The linguist has been at the center of a debate for several days because two years ago, she wrote the ARD an 89-page paper under the banner "Berkeley International Framing Institute". It dealt with the question of how the public service broadcasters should defend themselves against defamation such as "state radio" and "lying press". Expressions such as "media capitalist grasshoppers" in the paper were understood by parts of the public as if Wehling and ARD wanted to call private channels so in the future.

Zeitgeist Who wants to live in a country where Fox News shapes the discourse?

Who wants to live in a country where Fox News shapes the discourse?

The ARD is demonized because it does not want to fall for the language tricks of populists. Critics speak of "reeducation" and "new talk". That is perfidious.Comment by Detlef Esslinger

image had this week mocked that the homepage of the "Institute" no imprint, no address, no contact information, no employees call. The portal "" had also asked the spokeswoman for the University of Berkeley, Janet Gilmore, if Wehling's name choice was not misleading. Gilmore said, "We do not want to comment on that right now." image Again, a spokesman for the MDR quoted: "I know of no source in which it is claimed that there is an institutional connection between the institute and the university." The MDR had commissioned Wehling at that time. Her academic homepage "" and the homepage of "Institute" are not linked.

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