Asylum: Rahaf al-Kunun arrived in Canada

out of fear of her family fled Saudi Arab Rahaf
al-Kunun is
in Canada arrived where she receives asylum. The 18-year-old landed
in Toronto, after she
previously stuck in Bangkok for days, where she stopped fleeing
had been.

At the airport was al-Kunun by the Canadian Foreign Minister
Chrystia Freeland received. “She has a very long time
Journey behind her, she is exhausted and wants at the moment
I’d rather not answer your questions, “Freeland said
numerous journalists. The Saudi Arabian wore on her arrival
a jacket with the imprint “Canada”.

Last weekend, the Saudi Arabian was with one
Machine from Kuwait at the international airport of Bangkok
landed and wanted to continue Australia travel – however
she was stopped after Australia canceled her visa and
her passport was taken from her in the Thai capital. The
Thai authorities threatened her first with the repatriation
to Saudi Arabia. Al-Kunun
barricaded himself in a hotel room and made on Twitter
attentive to her fate. Ultimately she was able to get her deportation
prevent it by the international refugee agency UNHCR
under their protection.

Rahaf al-Kunun was beaten by male relatives

Rahaf Mohammed al-Kunun fled according to own data
Saudi Arabia, because she was beaten by male relatives
has been. Allegedly, they locked relatives in her for half a year
Room, because she had cut her hair. In addition, she should
threatened with death. During a stay with the
The family in Kuwait managed to escape, she said on
, A return to her family would put her in danger

The young woman herself thanked Twitter for the help she says saves her life.

Women are subject in Saudi Arabia strict
restrictions, They are even in adulthood
Guardianship of their male relatives. So you need before
Traveling or studying certain professions the approval of her
Men, fathers or other male relatives. In the
In public, they must completely cover their bodies.