At least six killed in attack in factory | TIME ONLINE

When shooting in a factory for
Water valves included Chicago At least six people are killed on Friday
 come. In addition, five police officers were injured in the town of Aurora in the US state of Illinois,
said the local police chief Kristen Ziman in front of cameras
With. The shooter was also killed. Whether there were other injured, was initially unknown.

In which
Sagittarius is one of the local media reports
45-year-old former employee of the company, who only two weeks ago
was dismissed. Whether the motive was to be sought in it first had to be
be clarified. The FBI let it know that it also turn on.

US President Donald Trump spoke to the families
the condolences to the victims. "America is behind you", tweeted
on Friday night. He praised the police in Aurora for their "great work".

Governor Jay Robert Pritzker
was shocked. "There are no words for the kind of evil that
our neighbors steals their hopes, their dreams and their future ",
 he was from the Chicago Tribune cited.

After official
According to reports, the shots fell on late Friday afternoon in the
Plant. An employee of the company told ABC7 that he had recognized a colleague who was "walking with a pistol
Laser ran along it. "TV pictures showed a large contingent of police, rescue
and fire truck at the scene. Surrounding schools have been temporary
sealed off.

Sagittarius died in a shootout with police

After the first shots in the factory were
Hurrying policemen were shot at by the man as they entered a warehouse. Overall, at
The police wounded five police officers in the shootout, police chief Ziman said.
A sixth official had an injury to his knee
drawn. The perpetrator was killed in the firefight with the police

The injured were surrounded by helicopters
 Clinics brought. Policemen then searched the work
possible other victims.

The incident aroused memories
the assassination in another place called Aurora in the state
Colorado. There was a Sagittarius 2012 at a movie premiere in the hall
The fire opened, killing twelve people and injuring about 70 others.