Australian nurse killed helping victims among eight recognized for bravery during London Bridge attack

M Zubier, aged 45, was stabbed in the neck, chest and back while he was trying to help one of the stabbed victims, who died in his arms.

Awarding the George Medal Award to his father, the Committee of Civilian Gallantry declared: "Hassan Zubier was aware of the danger to others and to himself, because he knew that the attacker was armed when he was going to help me, but he was determined to assist the victim, despite the return and the assault of the attacker several times. "

M. Zubier, who now lives in Sweden, said: "I am extremely honored to be recognized with the George Medal.

" I receive the award with mixed feelings, remembering that two people have lost their lives in this attack. "

Tywyn Gwynedd beach

Richard Guest and Stephen Adams risked their lives to save two foreigners in North Wales

Shrieking from the sea, the two vacationers went down to the beach. When they found a daughter in trouble

Mr. Adams led the girl in distress while Mr Guest, 74, was looking for another girl, a teenager who had trouble swimming on the water. beach at Tywyn, Gwynedd in July 2015.