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Babies smell good. This is one of the truisms that every young couple knows and that are regularly spread in family magazines. Always with the question: why actually? The question is good, the possible answers are numerous. In order to explain the scent of newborns, one can resort to scientific studies or to Hauspsychologische Zusammenreimungen. But no explanation is as bold as that of the beauty industry: If the baby smells great, then it's the perfume.

This article is from TIME no. 38/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

After perfume manufacturers have worked their way down from adults to teenagers to children, they are now beating down on the last unsuccessful target group. Like the company Jacadi, which sells "Baby Toilet Water" at 100 milliliters for 40 euros and praises its "irresistible springlike scent of freesia, bergamot, jasmine and orange blossom". Of course, that's just the unisex version. The fragrance for boys is a bit more expensive, with a head note "of bergamot and lemon" and a heart note "made of tea, sage, rhubarb with amber and tonka beans". The girl's fragrance captivates with its "floral composition with bergamot, grapefruit" and "a heart note of freesia, orange blossom and lily of the valley". It can be ruled out that Jacadi was out of tune and actually wanted to address adults who like "Hey, baby!" or say so. This is clear from the illustrations and descriptions of the company's online shop.
            It is all very sad. As a newborn human, you have to understand that you are there at all. And then a spray from the atomizer is one of the first early childhood experiences. Sure, you're sick and tired of the world. Fragrances may indeed be described via head and heart notes. But who thinks up such a stuff has neither heart nor mind.
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