Bahn: Technical defect triggered ICE fire - route further blocked

The fire, which broke out on Friday in an ICE on the high-speed line Frankfurt-Cologne, is due to a technical defect.
 A federal police officer had noticed the fire on board and initiated the evacuation. 510 passengers were brought to safety.
 The track has been closed since the accident – according to current status until Sunday evening.



    A technical defect was the cause of the fire in an ICE on the Frankfurt-Cologne expressway. How exactly it could come to the fire, but would have to clarify further investigations, it says of Federal Police and German Rail. An external influence excluded the investigators. Südwestrundfunk (SWR) reports that the defect was due to a transformer. Federal police and rail did not comment on this at first.


    The fire had broken out on Friday morning in a car and had spread to a second. The train came to a halt near the Rhineland-Palatinate Dierdorf, 510 passengers were brought to safety, the much-traveled high-speed line between Frankfurt and Cologne was closed. The nearby highway 3 had to be temporarily closed because of the heavy smoke and the fire service. While the freeway was released on Friday morning, the railway line remains locked the current weekend nor the entire weekend.


    Kreisbrandinspektor Werner Böcking called it a "very fortunate circumstance" that a member of the Federal Police was on the train and other relatives of aid organizations. Among other things, a member of an airport fire brigade had been on board. "The people were very disciplined, very quiet," said one of the rescuers looking at the passengers. In addition, you were lucky with the weather – dry and relatively warm.


    Federal Police spokesman Christian Altenhofen described that his colleague on board had noticed the smoke and initiated the rescue. The difficulty was, among other things, that the train still hung on the power line. The federal police had known about this danger and also had in mind that in the opposite direction could still be traveling trains. He let people get off in a certain corridor and direction.

Moorbrand apparently completely extinguished at Meppen
                        As the Bundeswehr announced, there are no signs of fire on aerial photographs. Furthermore, drones should monitor the situation.